Design Process and Software

The Innovation:
I can take your idea and/or concept and will convert that image into an electronic 3-D model. From that point, I can then manufacture the part in our CNC Machining Center as either a test prototype or actual small production run. We can machine various materials such as Aluminum, Steel and Plastic.

We are able to do all of our designing, programming and machining in our own facility.

Equipment and Software:
With our equipment, we are capable of machining from basic 2-D shapes to complex 3-D surfaces.

In 2009, I bought our first Vertical CNC Machining Center. To add to the business portfolio, in 2011 we purchased a New Haas VM3.  In 2014, we purchased a New Accutex Wire EDM machine.  Additional equipment we have includes: a surface grinder, lathe, band saw and a Bridgeport Mill.

We have our own in house Cad/Cam software: We are currently using Solid Works 2015 and Visual Mill 2015.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Here is an example of one of the replacement parts that I produced. The original had cracked and replacement parts are no longer being made. I created a replacement that is much stronger.

Original Part. Click to enlarge!
CNC Replacement Part. Click to enlarge!