What people are saying!

Here are a few comments that we have received from our customers!

“I have bought several top caps for various style drives and the craftsman ship and quality of the product far surpass many of the competitors I have seen. They are easy to install and the product comes with all the necessary pieces needed to work correctly.  I would recommend this company and product to everyone.” DOB0819-You Tube

“Jeff takes time to talk to you and thoroughly explains how the oxygen sensors are designed to work, why it makes sense to get two, if you have two motors and why he came up with the concept.  You know he is knowledgeable about boats and the intricacy of motors and drives.  5 Star rating. ”  RedRovercomeover- YouTube

“This looks like great quality workmanship. I am impressed. Product is well designed and looks like it will hold up on any drive.” Boatfanatic94 – YouTube

“Working with Jeff on some custom engines and other various products tied to the marine industry, it is easy to see why he is known as a ‘gear head’.  His knowledge is superior to most full time engine builders and I would no doubt purchase any concept he designs and builds. REMARKABLE.” BDYD4796

“Knowing Jeff and his reputation with cars and boats, I was sold on putting his top caps on my Fountain. It not only helped in all the areas he said it would, but the durability is amazing. The Top Cap was reasonably priced (and I shopped around), contained a lot of additional pieces that others weren’t including.  I bought two because I not only trusted Jeff, but the design and concept was incredible.”  EXCELLENT QUALITY.  TLR711

“The product looks impressive!” – DGB2742 – YouTube

“No doubt you will sell alot of these.”  CJBECKWITH94 – YouTube

“Wags Engineering has created another awesome product! I have seen his other work. I like that the video shows in detail how the part works.”