Carburetor Spacers

I decided to engineer my design because I wanted to increase the plenum volume on my boat.  I could not locate one that was a good fit for the dart intake that came on the popular Mercruiser HP 500. The various options provided on other models either had a large open design which provided efficient top end power, or contained a four hole design which provided good low end power. Neither option did exactly what I was hoping to accomplish, which is why I designed my own product.

The design I created is a cross between both. I refer to this as a cloverleaf design. The Carburetor spacer will not be able to create more top end performance. However, there are realized benefits in the mid-range. In my opinion, this will give you a better fuel curve because there are no obstructions in the middle of the spacer. This equates to a cleaner path to the rear cylinder in the engine. Our custom carburetor spacer will be competitive at full throttle when compared with other carb spacer products. Our product is designed for not only wide open throttle but specifically designed for mid-range ‘cruise’, which I hope sparks the interest of motor enthusiasts to get efficient RPM, which is what the spacer is tailored around.

The product is available in ½ “ thickness and various heights. If you need it custom, I can design and build the carburetor spacer to your specification.

With my 540 cubic inch Big Block Chevy, I was able to gain 14 ft. lbs. of torque in the mid-range and added 14 additional horsepower on the top end to my engine, resulting in better performance and increased fuel economy.

If you have questions about which version of the carburetor spacer would be most appropriate for your boat, just give me a call at 440-350-4749, or drop me an email at Be sure to give me as much info as you can about your engine model so that I can get you the information you need.